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Introduction to Docker

An opinionated introduction to using Docker as a software development tool.


A computer with Docker installed on it


Setup Download files required for the lesson
00:00 1. Introduction What are containers?
00:10 2. Pulling Images How are images downloaded?
How are images distinguished?
00:25 3. Running Containers How are containers run?
How do you monitor containers?
How are containers exited?
How are containers restarted?
00:45 4. File I/O with Containers How do containers interact with my local file system?
01:05 5. Writing Dockerfiles and Building Images How are Dockerfiles written?
How are Docker images built?
01:35 6. Removal of Containers and Images How do you cleanup old containers?
How do you delete images?
01:45 7. Coffee break Coffee or tea?
02:00 8. Using CMD and ENTRYPOINT in Dockerfiles How are default commands set in Dockerfiles?
02:30 9. Build Docker Images with GitLab CI How can CI be used to build Docker images?
03:00 10. Challenge Examples How to do a few more things?
03:20 Finish

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