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Introduction to Docker: Glossary

Key Points

  • First key point. Brief Answer to questions.

Pulling Images
  • Pull images with docker pull

  • List images with docker images

  • Image tags distinguish releases or version and are appended to the image name with a colon

Running Containers
  • Run containers with docker run

  • Monitor containers with docker ps

  • Exit interactive sessions just as you would a shell

  • Restart stopped containers with docker start

File I/O with Containers
  • First key point. Brief Answer to questions.

Writing Dockerfiles and Building Images
  • Dockerfiles are written as text file commands to the Docker engine

  • Docker images are built with docker build

  • Built time variables can be defined with ARG and set with --build-arg

  • ENV arguments persist into the container runtime

  • Docker images can have multiple tags associated to them

  • Docker images can use COPY to copy files into them during build

Removal of Containers and Images
  • Remove containers with docker rm

  • Remove images with docker rmi

  • Perform faster cleanup with docker container prune, docker image prune, and docker system prune

Coffee break
  • Breaks are helpful in the service of learning

Using CMD and ENTRYPOINT in Dockerfiles
  • CMD provide defaults for an executing container

  • CMD can provide options for ENTRYPOINT

  • ENTRYPOINT allows you to configure commands that will always run for an executing container

Build Docker Images with GitLab CI
  • CI can be used to build images automatically

Challenge Examples
  • Containers are extensive